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The house is located in the center of Florence, in Santa Croce neighborhood. The project works on the internal distribution of space to host its two young owners, and part of their professional activity.

The apartment is spread over one floor, to which is connected a space on an upper level, used as a sitting room and guest room. In the central distribution space, a wooden volume is inserted, acting as a wall-filter between the entrance and the new kitchen area.

The living area opens onto a large, bright room, from which a single-flight staircase leads up to the upper floor. An arched opening seems to be the threshold to the sleeping area, consisting of a first space equipped as an office, with double workstations, and a master bedroom.

The interior was built following a neutral, minimalist taste. White plastered surfaces and oak parquet are used throughout the entire house, like an interior of "Franciscan" simplicity. Wood is also employed in the volume-filter, custom designed by our studio, and as a covering for the treads of the staircase in the living room.

Client: Private
Location: Florence, Italy
Year: 2021/2022
Area: 90 sqm


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