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Masterpieces of classical sculpture from the Uffizi Gallery
Seated nymph, 2nd century AD.

The exhibition's curatorial project aims to highlight part of the rich collection of ancient sculpture already in the Galleries by recomposing some of the sculptural groups and making some of the museum's most important works more accessible to the public, including some of the sculptures inside the Tribune.

The design of Exhibition Design was measured against the characteristics of the recently restored Vasarian halls by making the works dialogue with each other and in relation to the space, taking into consideration the large flow of visitors, pathways, cones of view, and security criteria, creating a unique spatial system from time to time.

Therefore, an articulated system of ground bases, bases on rectangular or circular-shaped platforms, and stage wings was developed, designed according to the shared criteria, the spatial characteristics of the rooms, and the dimensional characteristics of the works.

An alphabet consisting of compositional and material elements that fit into the historical context, variously combined according to the needs of each room, but with a common language.

Le Gallerie degli Uffizi

Eike D. Schmidt

A cura di:
Fabrizio Paolucci

Exhibition Design project by:
Lian Pellicanò
Javier Deferrari | Lavinia Modesti

Oliviero Martini
Gianni Bertozzi
Fabio Facchini

Opera Laboratories | Roberto Popovic

Year: 2022/2023
Area: 200 square meters
By concession of the Ministry of Culture
Le Gallerie degli Uffizi

Sarcofago con ratto di Persefone, 170-180 d.C. - Firenze, Le Gallerie degli Uffizi, Gli Uffizi.
Sarcophagus with the Rape of Persephone, 170-180 CE.
Manly head on modern herm, c.d. Sophocles, First half of 2nd century CE.
Venus de Medici, late 2nd cent. bce. - Early 1st century BC.
Statue of Venus, cd. Venus Celeste


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